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December Magic at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas 2018

Songs by Yiruma, Elvis, and the Police Made this wedding so personal and romantic to this lovely couple as they tearfully exchanged vows. It was so special to be a part of this lovely evening on the Terrazza di Sogno at the Bellagio. The cutest moment was when this little gal from China, hummed all teh verses to Sting’s “Every Breath You Take”. Adorable

Wedding at the Paris Hotel Chapel Feb 27, 2019

A Private wedding Ceremony takes on a whole new feeling when it is just the two of them, Professional Opera singers from Rome, visiting from Italy, in love with each other, and in love with incredibly special songs to their hearts, of which I got play during their...

Summer Weddings at the Bellagio 2015

On a gorgeous Las Vegas August evening, I had the privilege of playing my harp for Andrew & Alyssa, of Florida. Their song list, for me consisted of such great classics as, “Thinking out Loud”, The Way you Look Tonight”,

Harp Duet Concert at the Pine Valley Chapel, in Pine Valley, Utah

SO, It was pure Heaven getting to pull my strings with my Harp Colleague, Becca Bryce, to play jazz standards, with a little Classical thrown, at the Historic Pine Valley Chapel, in Pine Valley, Utah. And Yes, it did take two guys to haul our Harps up all those stairs, for an evening of pure joy, and fun. It doesn’t get any better than to have the opportunity to play such great songs as, “Tea for Two”, “Summertime”, and “Take Five”, just to name a few for the nice people here in Utah.

Winter Weddings 2018

A Romantic Merger between a girl from Canada, and a Man from England, for whom I got to have the pleasure to witness their tearful vows of matrimony, as I played classic English pop songs from Take That, Elton John, and  Bryan Adams. What a pretty nice way to spend a day in January, in Las Vegas, in the Bellagio Chapel. I love my job.

Autumn Weddings In Vegas November 2017

Uniting a Groom of Italian descent with a Lovely Bride of Hispanic descent in marriage leads to a fabulous blend of Italian and Hispanic music, including such romantic songs as, "Desposito, "Mi Forma Di Sentir" and "Speak Softly Love".

Autumn Weddings are so Full of Romance 2017

Nothing Beats the Romantic air of a Vegas Autumn Evening watching two people, who love each other say their vows in front of family, and I get a front seat, playing such great songs on my harp as, "Can you Feel the love tonight", "The Way you look tonight", and "I'm...

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