Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many songs do you know how to play?
A. “Thousands. my file cabinets are numerous and full of charts.
Q. What is your favorite genre of music to play?
A. “Being a “country girl” at heart, country music.”
Q. What are your favorite songs to play?
A. “Imagine”, by John Lennon or “The Dance”,  by Garth Brooks
Q. Can You Play any Led Zeppelin?
A. “Yes;  “Stairway to Heaven”.
Q. What kind of harps do you play on?

A. “A 1915 Wurlitzer, named  “Joy”, a Salvi Electra, Named “Tiffany”, a Lyon and Healy Concert Grand I called, “Princess Louise” and a Salvi Minerva, who I fondly refer to as “Lady Catherine.

Q. What are some of the most famous people you have played for?
A. “I have had the privilege of playing for such people as, actors, Ron Howard & Jack Lemmon, Politicians, such as Senators Jack Kemp & Hilary Rodham Clinton, Comedians, such as Sam Kinnison and Rip Taylor, Singers, such as Bob Anderson, and Robert Goulet, The Sultan of Malaysia, and designer, Alpert Nipon.”
Q. What is your goal to get across an audience, with your style of playing?
A. “To enlighten people as to how entertaining the harp can be. When played properly, arrangements from Gershwin to Sinatra, and Marty Robbins to Mozart, can, and still do make one smile, and tap their toes to the beat of an everlasting memory. If I see guests swaying to the music and saying to themselves, “I didn’t know you could play THAT on the harp”, then that’s a successful evening.”

Harp Entertainment

The exceptional harp music of Mishelle Renee is available for weddings, corporate events, and private parties.  Fill out the form below to send a quick message to Mishelle.  Thank You!