In my journey to become a professional harpist, (my Dad’s dream) the inspirational people, in my life, have circulated in and out of my growing up time, nurturing and inspiring me become an enlightened, and passionate person.

Mishelle & Mom

–My Parents are at the top of my list.
William and Anita Brennan

To the best of their ability, both Mom and Dad ensured that I had all I needed to be all I could be. My goal is to be half the woman my Mom is, achieving that, I would consider it a successful life.

My Harp Teacher, Joy Andreasen

Joy took me under her wing, at age 11, with her dry sense of humor, and eccentric personality, she taught my fingers to dance on the harp strings, and make the music that inspired me to play more.

Edith Lundgren

My Other Harp Teacher,    Lloyd Lindroth

Lloyd took all that Joy had given me, and molded it into something phenomenal. I was always inspired by his technique, and awesome way of taking a simple song and making it into a production of awesome proportions.

My Harp Teacher, Edith Lundgren

Edith was in a category all her own, having been an instructor for numerous students in the Pacific, NW including her daughter Joy and Lloyd Lindroth himself.

Spending the day with her was a privilege, I never went home with less than 10 new songs after every lesson and a list of runs and riffs to last me a lifetime.

Edith Lundgren

My Harp Teacher,  Carrol McLaughlin

In my teen years, I attended a  Jazz harp festival with Carrol. Then I received private instruction from her into my adulthood, Carrol has always inspired me to maintain a level of legitimacy blended with finesse in my technique.

My Harp Teacher, Aliki Krithari

Having spent a year abroad attending college in Athens, Greece, one of the many cultural exchanges I experienced was with Aliki Krithari, the Hatzidakis Symphony Orchestra harpist.

She taught me how to play pieces from Handel, and I taught her how to play In the Mood by Glenn Miller.

Since the passing of Joy, Edith and Lloyd, I can only hope that they all check in on me, from time to time, and are proud of all they taught me.
Mishelle Renee'

Harp Entertainment

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