Family, friends, teachers

My Parents

William and Anita Brennan

In my journey to become a professional harpist, (my Dad’s dream) the inspirational people, in my life, have circulated in and out of my growing up time, nurturing and inspiring me to become an enlightened, and passionate person. My Mother was a gifted pianist, with an appreciation for life and music. I only hope that I grow to be half the woman my Mom was. 

My Teachers


My first Harp teacher from the age

of 11, who grew to be one of my best

friends, as she took me under her

wing, and lit a light to my fingers to

last a life time.


Beloved Edith, who was Joy’s

mother, took all the knowledge that

Joy gave me, and took it to a whole

new level, teaching me how to perfect

arrangements on my own, and

making them amazing.


Experiencing time with Lloyd was

unforgettable. The character he was,

came across in his arrangements,

making every note he played a show

piece. He taught me how to elevate

every arrangement into an amazing

show stopper which required

strength, and tenacity. 


Blessed I was to share time with this

beloved Harp teacher, enlightening

me to new rhythms to Jazz and Pop

arrangements.  I will never forget my

time with her.  


During my College year in Athens

Greece, I had the privilege of working

with the Principal Harpist from the

Hadzidakis National Symphony

Orchestra.  I taught her how to play

Jazzy arrangements like, “In the

Mood”, in exchange for classical

pieces.   I will always be grateful to

her for all she taught me.


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